Friday, March 21, 2008


JA has to be one of the sickest motherfuckers the graff game has to offer. The guy has gone all-city countless times and has even been in a few movies. He's seen more beef than a Burger King and one thing nigga's know is not to cross this dude's path if your a toy. JA has been known to hand out 'buck-50's' as if they were bean pie's at a Farrakhan seminar. He's also known for destroying and dismantling the enormous but famous 'Saber' piece out in L.A. He's been featured in the movie Karate Kid III playing cobra kai villain "Snake" and then in Rocky V as a drug addict as well as Mark Ecko's Getting-Up video game and numerous graff videos. But what amazes me is his all out don't give a fuck bombing campaigns. This dude will write his name on anything and everything, including your mother. Peep the viddy below and witness one of the last true NYC kings killing shit.

Big up to Ket, Skuf, Foe and the rest of XTC crew in NYC!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Terry Richardson x Supreme x Kermit

Many of you know of Terry Richardson and his provocative style of photography. For those that don't know who he is you really need to get out more. Terry is known for his use of smaller scale camera's and plain white backgrounds giving his work a natural aesthetic. He's photographed the best of the best, names such as Morrissey, Kate Moss, Vincent Gallo, Pharrell, Chloe Sevigny, Nicholas Cage, Macaulay Culkin, 50 Cent, Sharon Stone, Samuel Jackson, Kanye West and most recently Muppets star Kermit the frog. He's worked with high profile clients such as Gucci, Tommy Hillfiger, Levis, Supreme, Stussy and various others. Some people classify most of his work pornography due to the extensive nudity portrayed in his photos but he doesn't think so. In fact, he gets offended when people relate his work to porn stating that there is "too much sadness and pain in that world" versus his usual plain fun photo shoots.

I first heard of him in Vice mag and thought he was nothing but an older perv having a good time with a camera. I liked the rawness of his flicks and would see him with the hottest chicks till finally his stuff started to appear everywhere from Belvedere vodka ads to Supreme t-shirts.

If you live in NYC you've probably seen his latest work plastered all over lower Manhattan with a cute stylish Kermit grinning at you wearing the ever sought after Supreme box logo tee with Terry's usual trademark white background. The campaign is for NYC skate giant Supreme which has designed t-shirts and skateboards with the photos Terry took of the little green mogul. I've always loved Kermit, what an icon! I personally think it's a brilliant collabo and so does everyone else. Supreme literally sold out of all Kermit stuff (t-shirts and skateboards) within a few minutes so now the stuff is fetching for double, even triple on eBay. Glad I got my tee via Supreme on-line shop when I did. Anyway, check out the shoot below.

Also, check out this dope Belvedere vodka ad featuring Terry Richardson, Vincent Gallo, RZA on the track and the one and only Earsnot of NYC's IRAK graff gang!

For more info on Terry Richardson and his upcoming exhibits, check out his website here.