Monday, August 31, 2009

Supreme Fall/Winter '09

This past Friday, Supreme unveiled their Fall/Winter collection for '09. Some pretty sick goods! They are definitely getting much better as far as quality and colorways go. Also, they are bringing back many items that are always in demand such as the Supereme box logo hoodie, the Supreme arc logo zip-up hoodie, the famous "JA" hoodie (which was originally a t-shirt), the classic Supreme camp caps and many more. They've even collaborated with Hanes to bring you some proper comfort and support. And check out the playing cards too. Supreme never fails to amaze me!

The Fall/Winter collection will be available on Thursday September 3rd at the NY/LA stores and Saturday September 5th in Japan. The online shop will drop September 10. For more information click here.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Check out this preview for an upcoming documentary on stolen bikes in NYC to be premiered during the Bicycle Film Festival in Miami this December. Peep how easy it is to creep bikes in the big apple. Some even willing to help out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another fallen comrade...

Another talented artist and friend has been given to a better world. "Oiler" of FS, DTT, COD, DME crews has passed this weekend of an apparent suicide. He was known for his unique handstyles that no other writer has ever achieved. He designed the famous Twelve Ounce Prophet logo and worked with them for several years on other projects in the USA, Germany, and abroad. For me, he will always be that little white boy that was in CSI detention with me at Miami Beach Senior High that summer of '94. "What you write?" he asked as he noticed the tattooed graff letters on my leg that spell my name. I remember he wrote "Volume" at the time and was a REAL novice on his handstyles and the whole graff scene in general. After that we hit it off and were even in the same crew for a while (DME), constantly running into each other at raves like Fever and The Edge. Fast forward a few years and next thing I know he's writing "Oil" and working with 12oz magazine doing the sickest handstyles ever known to man. In fact, the header of this blog is a tweaked out scan of a canvas/painting he did that I own titled 'Yo Puedo Mas Que Tu'. Here's to Bernie, yet another fallen talent this year, you will not be forgotten.