Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cool Kids...

...are a new outfit on Chi-town's quality Chocolate Industries label. They hail from Detroit and Chicago, and carry a sound reminiscent of the crunchy, IDM-fused hip-hop of early 2000 along with great catchy vocals and theme's. They've toured with M.I.A. and Diplo and most recently have started to appear in Gap ads, video game soundtracks and Mountain Dew commercials.

Lately I've been really feeling one of their releases titled 'Black Mags'. Check out the video below for freshness, be sure to turn up that bass! And look out for their 'Bakesale EP' out now. It's a seriously good EP!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lords Off Bowery

The kids are alright!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bomb Down Broadway

Wow, 2 posts in one week!?!? I must be smoking! This post is a dope one I'm sure everyone will enjoy. See, this summer in NYC, Zoo York had one of the greatest ideas ever! Have a BMX race down the streets of NYC in 2 different heats, with 5-G's up for grabs! Take any shortcut possible, any route, but you must make it from point A to point B first, and beware of getting crushed by traffic or roped by the po-po's, no holds barred! Check it out money grip!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Toys, toys, and oh yea.....TOYS!

My online peeps over at the unkle/mo'wax forums have been asking me for quite some time to post some photos of my toy collection. Since I don't think it's nowhere near as good as most of my buddies' collections I admit I procrastinated just a tad. However, lately I've been collecting GI-Joe's again (i know right, i'm in my 30's and still doing this shit!?!? Thanks Cullen!) and it's kinda made me a little toy crazy again, so without further bullshit, here it is in full detail. You can click on each photo to view it in a larger size. Enjoy!

These are all my Be@rbricks. I ran out of shelf space so I decided to give them a bird's eye view from atop the shelf. In this collection there is one of my favorite toys I own, the blue camo James Lavelle Be@rbrick (with all his tats) that my wife gave me for my birthday a while back. Notice the pink B@pebrick rockin' in the front.

Here is my Futura shelf with the exception of 1 Stash figure. In this collection you'll see the Unkle 'Psyence Fiction' promotional blue camo Pointman released on Mo'Wax toys as well as the highly limited Unkle 'Never, Never, Land' promotional 25pc figure Kubrick set and a few other Futura Kubricks.

This is my urban toy collection. On this shelf there are plenty of Kubricks including the famous Supreme x Kermit Kubrick as well as the Grand Theft Auto collection. Plus others done by Kaws, Stash and Maharishi. You'll also see there a few of the Qee toys that my boy Gabe brought me back from Japan. And finally the Nozzle Heads from Kid Robot chillin in the cut.

Here is my collection of hockey stars with molds made by Todd McFarlane of Spawn fame. Also here are my Transformers and 25th Anniversary GI Joe's. Notice the Snake Eyes with Black Timber variant, ohhhh!

This is the Star Wars collection. As you can see there are plenty of the Kubricks as well as Lego's (my wife built those) and in the back are the entire collection of Star Wars watches from BK in their respective container.