Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Top 10 Summer '09 Albums

I'm always blabbing, ranting and raving, worshiping and most of all craving music so I thought to myself why haven't I ever done a top 10 about music, let alone anything!? So better late than never, I bring you my first top 10 ever! I know, I know, some of these albums might be dated (or not even released yet), but who cares? Here's some great sounds for staying cool, calm and collected during the scorching Miami summer months.

01. Monster Magnet - God Says No
It's either the way this album was recorded or mastered, who knows but this release just sounds amazing! The wall of sound they manage to create is unlike any other. Frontman Dave Wyndorf hit the nail on the head with production and personnel from the beginning recording stages. It's the perfect album to slap on the sunglasses and sunscreen and head out like a child of the sun! 'God Says No' is the Monster Magnet CD for the summer! With tracks like "Melt" and "Heads Explode" it's sure to turn up the heat to a much higher degree any day. Viva Magnet!

02. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Melodic Flea Way
Yea, yea, go ahead and bash me but I love RHCP! Especially this album which contains live sets from Wembley Arena, UK and Olympia Stadium, France during the european leg of their Californication tour. It has some of the greatest versions (some extended really long) ever recorded of their famous tracks. Nothing better than taking a nice roadtrip and listening to the super extended version of "Californication" whilst gazing at the landscapes throughout.

03. Machinedrum - Want to 1 2?
Travis is a great guy. Even still now that he's moved to NYC and we don't cross paths anymore. Back since the Merck days his sound was way ahead of it's time. His new CD, released on Normrex, is a different approach than previous releases which is a good thing, however, it takes a few listen's for it to grow on you. "Conconcon" and "Jelly-Jelly" sound great while getting your head right. Especially in that cool shade. Be on the look out for the digital release of 'Want to 3 4?'.

04. Deftones - White Pony
White Pony is probably my favorite musical album ever produced alongside Autechre's "Incunabula". Every track is a standout and producer Terry Date once again proves he is the key to their sound. Tunes like "Digital Bath", "Knife Party" and "Change" embarks one on an emotional journey that you don't ever want to vacate, while "Back To School" is the end all be all of the rapcore/nu-metal genre. Definitely their best album by far and the benchmark of the Deftones sound.

05. Danzig - 6:66 Satan's Child
The intro to the movie 'The Hangover' contains a track off this album titled "Thirteen" which is such a great selection for the intro setting. This CD was released in '99 but got lost in the dungeons of my mind for years. Now I listen to this CD just about every day as it's been resurrected from the dead! From the very first track "Five Finger Crawl" it takes you in and pretty much takes over! Danzig are known to produce some of the most complex metal songs ever as they keep an experimental, yet distorted approach to their music.

06. Metallica - Death Magnetic
Rick Rubin is pure genius! He manages to produce Metallica's 'Death Magnetic' in such a great way that it can almost compare to 'Master of Puppets' (almost being the key word here!). What became a washed up band with the 'St. Anger' mess, I thought Metallica was just as finished as RATT, but low and behold here comes Rubin to lend his hand and what do you have? Major success!

07. Kyuss - ...And The Circus Leaves Town
Kyuss are the pioneers of the "Stoner Rock" genre and creators of many successful projects such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Hermano. Every release is a solid one and they never stray too far from their unique sound. Their legacy began in the deserts of Cali. The band gradually built a local following in Palm Desert, California and frequently performed at parties in and around the isolated towns of Southern California's desert areas. Their last album before dis-banding was their greatest one, go figure! '...And The Circus Leaves Town' is the perfect combination of heavy, jam sessions and classic, soft rock. Be sure to feel the breeze to tracks like "Catamaran" and "Jumbo Blimp Jumbo", it makes it that much more cooler.

08. Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks
Last year my partner in crime Mike made a deal with me. Since his favorite musician/band is Bob Dylan and mine are The Deftones, we both agreed that we would lend an ear to one anothers' musical saviors. Of course Mike suggested a few albums to start with (since I only knew his popular tracks) and I did the same for him. 'Blood On The Tracks' was one of those he mentioned and after giving it a few minutes, I was hooked by Dylan's folky tales and country-side rhythms. "Meet Me In The Morning" has blues written all over it and I love the atmosphere it creates, while "You're A Big Girl Now" is amazing in every way! Long live Dylan and the summertime blues!

09. Pete Rock - Petestrumentals
Another dated release that never gets old, Pete Rock lets it all out with his astonishing MPC techniques as well as the production we all have grown to know and love. Wifey and I can always agree to bump this album any day. It starts off smooth and crisp and ends just as proper. With compositions such as "Pete's Jazz", "Play Dis Only At Night", and "What You Waiting For" you'll want to keep bumping this CD the entire summer. Goes well with a nice cold beer watching that sunset creep into the Gulf Of Mexico. Pure bliss!

10. Godsmack - Godsmack
Ahhhh, Godsmack. The boys from Boston. Their first album, the self titled 'Godsmack' is never short on energy and hurricane-like fury. Let me tell you, this is one hell of a kick ass album. Every track, every lyric, every riff is more powerful than the other and strictly on point. "Moon baby" is sick and just about every other track following seriously leave you in awe. "Situation" is the perfect song for dealing with your, well...situations, while "Get Up Get Out", "Whatever" and "Keep Away" are like a billion people nagging you all at the same time and you respond by simply lifting your middle finger as you brush em' off! Excellent!

Honorable Mentions:
Radiohead - OK Computer
I had to include this one since it can never get old! I'm totally in love with the stunning, yet amazing composition that is "Climbing Up The Walls". It's definitely my favorite track on the CD. "Karma Police" is a given classic, while the strings on "Paranoid Android" send chills through everything. Sincerely a must have for those long summer nights.

Deftones - Eros
You knew I was going to mention The Deftones again didn't you? Ok, I still haven't heard this album in it's entirety, however I have heard some tracks through studio snippets released via youtube, as well as a leaked track titled "Melanie" which is amazing in my opinion. It's supposedly coming this October but with all of the issues surrounding bassist Chi's condition, I seriously doubt that date will come through, but my fingers are crossed as my soul is begging for more! Either way it will be the best album whenever it's released!

Well there you have it. My top 10 albums I'm jamming this summer and beyond! Take notes and remember, don't get nothing on you!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Must See...

....saw this during the weekend. Fucking hilarious! My sides still hurt!

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