Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Critical Mass

Each and every last Friday of the month is Critical Mass in various cities throughout the world. It's sole purpose is to raise bicycle awareness by asserting cyclists' right to the road. Most of all its always a fun time and a great way to meet fellow cyclists. Some are against it and some are for it. There has been documentaries such as 'We Are Traffic' and 'Still We Ride' that focus on the history and public perception of Critical Mass rides, as well as the whole debate that comes along with it.

This past Friday was the first ride of Daylight Savings Time and was also during the annual electronic music mega-fest Ultra, here in Miami, which we passed during our trek. It was a real fun ride and the weather was beautiful. Check out this rad video filmed during this months ride. It's loaded with excellent effects and really depicts what it's like to ride in a Critical Mass if you have never experienced one. For more info on Miami's Critical Mass click here.

Miami Critical Mass- March 26, 2010 from MrSunshine561 on Vimeo.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dumped 4.0

Photos courtesy of ConditionNYC, KR, myself, plus other random web-ishh.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Back in June of 2009 when the Deftones mentioned that they were working on the best Deftones record they can make, they weren't mistaken, not one bit. After several months of pain and suffering the Deftones finally deliver a record that will go down as their best release in their career. This album is definitely a turning point for the boys as they're delivering something fresh and unique, possibly even opening up new genres along the way.

'Diamond Eyes' is exactly what it means...a gem! A release that stays on point from the get-go. A recording which takes you on a journey to another place familiar with aggressive tones, dark atmosphere's and subtle emotions. It sounds like a beautiful tragedy that can become obscure, yet optimistic, but definitely enough to win your heart over...over and over!

Opening with the album’s title track, “Diamond Eyes” hold it's own weight as it trades blows between Stephen Carpenter’s furious, heavy guitar rifs and Moreno’s soulful chorus, while the next song “Royal” follows, lending a sound that resonates as far more distanced, though not any less powerful with a scream at the end from Moreno which is enough to fend off the demons.

“CMND/CTRL” rides the powerful trend on the album, though it’s Carpenter who stands out on the track. Quickly employing a thick bounce he commands immediate attention despite Moreno’s blazing vocals which rival the sharpness of the guitarist’s sound. “You’ve Seen The Butcher” offers the first aural break in the record, a 30 second introduction, which gives way to a boiling riff that is later accompanied by Moreno’s piercing howl. Sounding like a tune one would hear in a place where debauchery and lust coexist endlessly.

“Beauty School” ventures to slow the record down, albeit just slightly, as it relies on Abe Cunningham’s beat to keep an active backdrop to Moreno’s soothing, drawn-out wail. “Prince,” while opening to a calm pace, picks up momentum as the track progresses. It has been compared by many to one of the Deftones earlier recordings off 'White Pony' titled "RX Queen". By the end of its three and a half minutes it becomes a showcase for Moreno’s paint-peeling bellows and the band’s snowballing rhythm, one which eventually washes the song away into nothingness.

The album’s fiercest riff opens “Rocket Skates,” giving the listener zero time to recuperate from the swell of energy that has been rumbling throughout Diamond Eyes. While the album’s lead single may not be its best track, “Rocket Skates” is certainly one of the most memorable, offering a glance back into the aggressiveness that has weaved its way throughout the band’s history.

“Sextape”, the ebb to “Rocket Skates”’s flow, harnesses a sentimental tone and wraps itself around Moreno’s equally comforting imagery. “Risk”, “976-EVIL”, and my personal favorite in which Moreno sings his heart out, “This Place Is Death” serve as the album’s final three tracks, each relatively similar in their moderate pace, which is interesting when considering both the aggressive nature of Diamond Eyes and its flair for contrast.

The album gets released on May 18, 2010 and it's already floating around the internet since it was leaked just last week. Crazy! However, this album is too good to pass up. Buy it and show support! After all, they worked real hard and it's relevant as each track on this album is a standout. I for one will be on the lookout for a vinyl edition if the powers that be permit. For more info on the Deftones visit their site and show some love! Check out some photos of the recording of 'Diamond Eyes' below.

Photos by Frank Maddocks

Monday, March 22, 2010

Smooth Op

Massan Fluker is a natural when it comes to the track bike. Once known as the fastest in San Fran, Massan makes it look too easy. His style of riding is unparalleled and each time I watch him it inspires me that much more to just get out there and ride my heart out!

Below is a video recently made for Leader Bikes which depicts Massan's urbane, 'ebb and flow' riding technique he's known for. Highly recommended! And if you get a moment, check out his blog here.

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Check out Fabian, Thomas and Nick from Keirin Cycles on the beach doin' it up durrrty style earlier today. Fabiancito, why'd you sell that mashinelli?

Disco, Disco!

The weekend is here and I'm in a good, generous kind of mood, therefore I present to you Disco, Disco! This is a mix I made for my awesome older brother a few years ago. It's consisted of pure disco and hi-nrg classics. You'll hear gems from Lime, Machine, Tapps, Company B, Chic, Alisha, Evelyn King, Freeze plus others you won't want to miss. It's the first mix of it's kind that I've ever done and I'm pretty satisfied with the end result, and I hope you will be too!

Download it here.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Here's 20 of my all-time favorite films, in no particular order. And yes, I'm more of a music person than a movie person, as you will see.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The LSD x NYC Subway Conspiracy

Ahhh, the stuff you read in The Post! Apparently, the CIA conducted tests on the NYC Subway system using an aerosol spray laced with LSD during November of 1950, with a second test a few years later. Since LSD/Acid was relatively new at the time, the CIA was doing a series of "mind control" experiments on an unsuspecting populace for over three decades, and NYC was one of the places where it all unfolded. Of course, any and all documentation and/or reports on the incident were destroyed by the CIA in 1973. Real nice. Too bad it wasn't weed! Read the entire article here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Styles upon styles

As most of you may know, when it comes to graff I'm all about handstyles...for days! Nothing better than catching a sick spot with a clean hand and nasty drips, letting the world know you're on some next level shit! For one, handstyles are the most essential part of a writers work and not only completes, but creates an identity for all artists just like a signature. It all starts with handstyles and it's all about being unique and having your own mark in order to stand out from all the bullshit. Not many have got what it takes, however, check some real deal scribbles from Revok MSK below. Peep his site here for more.