Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beer Snob Pub Crawl This Saturday

Cyclist beer drinkers unite! The Beer Snob arrives this Saturday March 6, 2010 and the weather is just perfect in SoFlo with a clear high of upper 50's and low's in the lower 40's. This is a pub crawl/booze cruise and is going to be a slow paced ride, hitting up various dives on the Beach, Downtown and Coral Gables. Should be super fun and I'll be riding out with Ferny, Rydel and whoever meets up at the meeting point. Try and make it out and have a 'Reinheitsgebot' with me. They even made some tee's especially for the ride. Check them out below, get more detailed info on the ride here.

Think the BSNYC saw what became of their logo?