Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Critical Mass

Each and every last Friday of the month is Critical Mass in various cities throughout the world. It's sole purpose is to raise bicycle awareness by asserting cyclists' right to the road. Most of all its always a fun time and a great way to meet fellow cyclists. Some are against it and some are for it. There has been documentaries such as 'We Are Traffic' and 'Still We Ride' that focus on the history and public perception of Critical Mass rides, as well as the whole debate that comes along with it.

This past Friday was the first ride of Daylight Savings Time and was also during the annual electronic music mega-fest Ultra, here in Miami, which we passed during our trek. It was a real fun ride and the weather was beautiful. Check out this rad video filmed during this months ride. It's loaded with excellent effects and really depicts what it's like to ride in a Critical Mass if you have never experienced one. For more info on Miami's Critical Mass click here.

Miami Critical Mass- March 26, 2010 from MrSunshine561 on Vimeo.