Thursday, March 31, 2011

Supreme Benefit Tee

The crew at Supreme are doing something positive for the earthquake & tsunami victims of Japan. They're releasing a super limited tee with the simple box logo design laced with the Japanese rising sun, with 100% of the proceeds going straight to the Japanese Red Cross Society. It's for a great cause and the tee is very on-point, so go on and support! Release dates are April 8th for NY, LA and online shops, and April 9th at all Japan stores.

Archival Thursdays: Common Sense - Resurrection (1994)

Before Common, there was Common Sense. Coming live and direct from Chicago, not only did his name change but so did his style. 'Resurrection' was his second full length and was released during a time when hip-hop was still real and innovative, the album was selected as one of The Source Magazine's 100 Best Rap Albums of all time. I remember thinking how intelligent his lyrics were and how bad I wanted to hear more of his music, especially after seeing the video for "I used to love her". Then I heard the album's title track "Resurrection" and was completely blown away by the way samples were looped in that song. Conscious hip-hop the way it should be delivered...definitely a must listen.

I bought this release at the now defunct Blue Note Records in North Miami Beach back in 2000. It was old as hell but still shrink-wrapped! That's how Blue Note was, you never know what you'll find in that place. I miss it dearly.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MIA Fixed Jerseys

If you're a cyclist you know that one can never own enough jersey's, just like underwear. And when it comes to jersey's we rock we tend to be slightly picky since we all want to look good, while we really look dumb. Rydel and the gang from Miami Bike Scene produced these legit as hell Veloce jersey's that no doubt come through with a sweet, yet simple design representing the MIAFixed logo. However, if you want one you'll need to act fast! Since it's a rush order, tomorrow is the deadline to get your order in so get yours! For more info on how to obtain one go here.

NYC Messenger Portraits

Takuya "Tak" Sakamoto is an old school bike messenger and photographer out of the big apple. He has worked with Japan's Loop Magazine and several other publications as well. He recently added a series of excellent portraits of New York's bike messengers he's shot throughout the years to his blog. The photo's are shot in different spots within, but each retain the same wonderful inner-city aesthetic. Tak's trained eye has gained him notoriety in all circles and his work just gets better with age, just check out his blog New York Bike Dreams to see what I'm talking about. Below are a few of the portraits from the series starting with Miami's own, NYC transplant, Jenny Whaler. It was good running into you last week during BFF, now move back! View the rest of the portraits here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Metallica - Live @ Grimey's (2010)

On June 12, 2008 Metallica held a secret, intimate show just for friends and fan club members at the basement of Grimey's record store in Nashville, TN. Mic's were placed throughout the cozy venue which held about 150 people, and the end result was a fun filled set which exceeded expectations on all ends. Bomb tracks like "Welcome home (Sanitarium)" and "Sad but true" were played with brute force and they mingled with the crowd, jammed out extensively and made history in process.

I purchased this double LP 10" gatefold at South Beach's Uncle Sams music. Since I haven't been there in about 10 years I decided to stop by last weekend and yes, they're still there and so is Ariel and Irving. Thanks for the extra goodies guys!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Pickup

I just can't get enough of New York's BodaBoda crew and their dope video's. Clean edits, great music, raw footage, and most of all fast riding through NYC streets. As I was browsing their Vimeo channel, I came across this awesome video titled "Quick Pickup". If you've ever wondered how it looks like from a NYC messengers point of view with a rear mounted camera, whilst on a 3x rush pickup, then check this viddy out!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Datathief - Bandwidth (2001)

If you're having a craving for some low down dirty analog electro, seek no further cause UK's Datathief are here. Brian Flanagan and Mike Hopkins create some serious beats, but also create video games as well on the side. Brian also lived in Miami for a short while, doing shows and working with labels such as Beta Bodega. 'Bandwidth' is their only full length/EP released and was supposedly so scarce during that time that not even Datathief themselves had a copy from what I understand. The entire release is solid all throughout, however be sure to check out the grimey goodness that is "Fall of the silicon empire".

I picked up this gem from the online shop Bent Crayon back in 2001 when it was released.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cinelli Vigorelli: Limited Edition Red Hook Crit Frame

The wonderful people at Cinelli never cease to amaze me! They have produced a limited edition custom Vigorelli frame for the upcoming Red Hook Criterium taking place March 26th in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The frame boasts such a beautiful color combo with those red accents and subtle graphics, Cinelli definitely outdid themselves with this beauty. Only way of owning one is to win, win, win! I wish I could attend this event even though I don't have a chance at winning, but this race will be epic in every way starting with the prizes.

"This Cinelli Vigorelli frame is not just a frame but a TROPHY - custom graphics and paint exclusively for the winner of the ultra-prestigious RED HOOK CRITERIUM (New York, Berlin and Milan). No matter how much you want this frame there is only one method for having one - getting out on the course and race!!!" -via Cinelli's Facebook

Midnight In A Perfect World

Dash Snow aka Sacer RIP.
Photos courtesy of 12oz Prophet

Monday, March 14, 2011

MonsterTrack XII NYC: Re-Cap

The worlds most famous alleycat MonsterTrack returned this weekend in NYC for the 12th straight year. Of course the one and only Crihs took first place, but he deserves it as he's definitely one of New York's fastest, not to mention it's the second time he's won. Below is some great footage of the race put together by the good people from the BodaBoda crew, which they always do a great job of capturing 'the moment'. Be sure to also check out some great photos from MonsterTrack via Cycleangelo, here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Secret Frequency Crew - The Underwater Adventure Hop Secret Treasure (2001)

Back in early 2000 there were a ton of great artists, music, and labels coming out of Miami and one of those creations were the Secret Frequency Crew. Consisting of three friends, Matt Brown, Matt Friedman and well known NYC DJ Adrian Michna, their sound was filled with creativity and distinctiveness. Their first ever EP titled "The Underwater Adventure Hop Secret Treasure" is probably their best work and is definitely one of my favorites from the fine Counterflow label. I personally think each and every song is excellent, therefore I urge you to listen to it in it's entirety from front to back. Oh yea, it's also one of my favorite album covers which was designed by Miami's Arnold Steiner, sorry for the blurry pic.

I picked this up back in 2001 when it was released at South Beach's Uncle Sam's music.

Friday, March 4, 2011

All In Relative Time

I rarely post BMX videos on here, not that I dis-like them, but I'm more into road & track bikes that I really don't care too much for those types of videos. However, this one definitely had to be posted since it's put together very well and is filmed throughout Miami, they even ride right by my building that I live in. And even though I tend to have my doubts at times about this city, this piece really showcases the many wonderful things "the magic city" has to offer. Created by Dillon Hearns for Atmosphere Bikes, they supposedly went through several "broken tripods, defective batteries, flat tires, time schedules, missing school to film, last minute changes, and other issues" to get this done. The end result was well worth it, great work guys!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Motörhead - Overkill (1979)

Motörhead's first album to break into the top 40's was the one and only 'Overkill'. Recorded in 1979, it was the second studio album ever released by the band. 'Overkill' had a huge impact on british punk culture and to this day remains one of their highest selling releases. From the swift precision of "No class" to the raging title track "Overkill" this album retains it's oomph from start to finish with pure rock metal, the way it's supposed to be played. Be sure to also check out some eight-bar chord progression on the classic "Limb from limb". That Lemmy is pure genius! Turn it up, drink a cheap beer and's Motörhead!

I bought this LP at Miami's Yesterday & Today records a few years ago. It is the triple bonus LP green vinyl version.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

La Noche Miami Crit

Looks like there will finally be an alleycat/criterium race during the Bicycle Film Festival here in Miami this month. Solid sponsors, dope prizes and legit organizers are shaping this to become one sick race! For more information on registration, list of prizes, location, and rules go here.

Breaking the law! Breaking the law!

Can you believe that last weekend my boy Bobby and I got pulled over on our bicycles during our Sunday morning ride? Well I still can't! See, we were riding Key Biscayne and we just broke out from a huge group so we continued riding southbound on Crandon Blvd when I get to a red light and un-clip my shoes from the pedals. The light is still red and since it's 8:40am on a Sunday there weren't many drivers on the road so after sitting at the light for a minute I decided to clip-in and give my boy the signal that we are clear. So we take the red and next thing I know a cop jumps out into the bicycle lane and points at us to pull into the parking lot. Right away I knew why he pulled us over since I heard a few months ago that they we're cracking down on cyclists but I thought that battle was over, guess not! We didn't say a word and luckily the cop was cool, plus we never have had any violations for running red lights or rolling through stop signs so all we got was a "courtesy warning" which is great since I've heard the fine is high: $176. But now we are in the system, and if I violate again I'll get that ticket. It's pretty ridiculous that the City of Key Biscayne is fucking with cyclists when one was killed by a lunatic drunk driver, those are the people they need to crack down on...all those morons doing 80mph on the Rickenbacker. Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there so know you know, no fucking around on the key!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh Boy!

Yesterday I went with wifey to get her pregnancy level 2 exam which is basically an in-depth look into how the baby is forming, functioning and growing. But the most exciting part is they can already determine the gender and's a boy! It's what I've always wanted and words will never describe the feeling! But you know what's most important, now my name shall live on! Check out some of the rad photos below!