Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Life

Welcome to 2011...what a year it's going to be! As some of you readers may already know, there's a huge change coming in my life this new year. Wifey is expecting our first child this coming July and I couldn't be more emotional, yet full of joy and excitement. The birth of a new life is something beautiful and it sure will change me in a lot of ways like never before. Check out the sonograms below, amazing! These were taken about 3 weeks ago when she was 8 weeks pregnant, by now it's developed a bit more. If you look at the top scan, you can already see a head and little arms/extremities. We won't know if it's a boy/girl for a few more weeks as it's still too early to tell. I would love to have a boy, but I would also love to have a girl...let's hope for the best.

It's a new year. A new chapter of my life.

What a great first post of the year!