Thursday, January 20, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Air - Modular Mix 12" (1996)

Air's music has always provided a counterbalance to the driving rhythms of most electronic music. The french duo started releasing quality compositions over 10 years ago with 'Modular Mix' being the start of a long, successful career as it was their very first record. Released on James Lavelle's legendary Mo'Wax label, this was where it all began. Laced with polished beats, sleazy samples and spaced out jazz, this 12" is a must have for any fan of Air, or the great Mo'Wax label for that matter. The title track "Modular Mix" is a perfect example of the depth these boys had even back then. And what about that Source Direct remix? Smooth shit eh?

I bought this record from back in 2003 since I couldn't find it anywhere else.