Thursday, January 27, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Megadeth - Peace sells but who's buying (1986)

The very first Megadeth song I ever heard in my life was the title track off this album. 'Peace sells but who's buying' is Dave Mustaine's 2nd full length after leaving Metallica and is probably one of the bands best releases to date as it's surely a metal classic. The concept of this album revolves around the cold war era and it's politics, delivering a final result of hammering thrash and kick ass riffs. The opening song "Wake up dead" sets the theme for things to come, and after listening to the title track "Peace sells but who's buying", I was immediately sold and became a Megadeth fan por vida!

I found this record years ago in a used bin at the old Yesterday & Today records in Miami before they moved to their current location.