Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breaking the law! Breaking the law!

Can you believe that last weekend my boy Bobby and I got pulled over on our bicycles during our Sunday morning ride? Well I still can't! See, we were riding Key Biscayne and we just broke out from a huge group so we continued riding southbound on Crandon Blvd when I get to a red light and un-clip my shoes from the pedals. The light is still red and since it's 8:40am on a Sunday there weren't many drivers on the road so after sitting at the light for a minute I decided to clip-in and give my boy the signal that we are clear. So we take the red and next thing I know a cop jumps out into the bicycle lane and points at us to pull into the parking lot. Right away I knew why he pulled us over since I heard a few months ago that they we're cracking down on cyclists but I thought that battle was over, guess not! We didn't say a word and luckily the cop was cool, plus we never have had any violations for running red lights or rolling through stop signs so all we got was a "courtesy warning" which is great since I've heard the fine is high: $176. But now we are in the system, and if I violate again I'll get that ticket. It's pretty ridiculous that the City of Key Biscayne is fucking with cyclists when one was killed by a lunatic drunk driver, those are the people they need to crack down on...all those morons doing 80mph on the Rickenbacker. Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there so know you know, no fucking around on the key!