Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ahhhh, the 80's. Ronald Reagan, feathered hair, Pac-Man, tight jeans w/high tops, MTV (when they played videos) and of course cheezy ass films. In the 80's you can make a movie (or song) of just about anything you can imagine. Breakdancing (Beat Street/Breakin'), surfing (North Shore), hockey (Slap Shot), skateboarding (Gleaming The Cube), bike mesengers (Quicksilver) and even teens turning into wolves (Teen Wolf). But the best one out there has to be the 1986 BMX film 'Rad'. Even more so now after seeing the debut of BMX Racing in the Beijing 2008 Olympics (about time!). I remember seeing this movie in a small, low-budget, dirty theater on Miami Beach called Surf Theater (now a gym). Over the years it's become a cult classic and there's even an ongoing online petition to have it released to DVD. Believe it or not but as of December 2007, more than 400,000 fans had signed the petition. Also, they created a website recently in an effort to gain support for the release of the film by tracking down the rights and contacting the holders. But I guess due to it's cornyness it probably won't make it onto the digital format anytime soon. I mean all of these films are indeed extremely corny but hey, it was the 80's.

The film is basically about a young man named Cru Jones that lives in a small town and is faced with a tough decision: the qualifying races for Helltrack are the same day as his SAT's (wow, SAT's...remember that shit!?), which he must take in order to attend college. However, winning Helltrack means a lucrative sponsorship deal and fame. Cru chooses the latter option, ignoring his mother's wishes. Helltrack is a huge event that comes to this small town and is sponsored by Mongoose Bicycles. But the event co-ordinator keeps adjusting the rules in order to keep Cru out of the race as he know's what a good rider he is and to ensure BMX star Bart Taylor has an easy road to victory, thus providing a financial windfall for Mongoose Racing, Bart's sponsor.

Of ourse in the end, Cru qualifies/enters the race and wins and get's the girl (promoter/rider for Mongoose as well) just like any and every 80's flick. But seriously, I would like anyone that reads this blog to sign that petition so I can sit on my couch, smoke a bowl, and reminisce about my days as a BMX wannabe whilst watching my favorite corny movie, RAD! Now, somebody get me my red checker-board Vans slip-ons!

This is the opening intro to the film. Gotta love the music!

This has to be one of my favorite parts! This is during the High School dance (of course, isn't there ALWAYS a high school dance in every 80's flick) and Cru and his new found counterpart get on their bikes and rip shit up on the dance floor to the 80's nu-wave classic "Send Me An Angel". How gay & appropriate! Enjoy!