Sunday, March 15, 2009

The 80's Ninja Craze

I'm not sure why, but the 80's was all about the Ninja and Martial Arts in general. For example, movies like Karate Kid, American Ninja, Revenge Of The Ninja, Pray For Death and who can forget Ninja 3: The Domination were produced. Hasbro/G.I. Joe created the best selling figures of the line, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow which were both Ninja's. Kawasaki launched it's best selling motorcycle, the Kawasaki Ninja. And there were even a series of these magazines launched by Buddhist Priest/Ninja Master/Martial Arts instructor Stephen Hayes, which were simply titled (of course) "Ninja".

Can I just say how much I used to LOVE these Ninja mags! The art, ads, articles and photos were so dope I remember wanting to be a ninja so bad after reading one of these genuine issues. I used to buy these at my local 7-11 in my old neighborhood in Miami Beach. They were loaded with ads of the coolest and latest ninja gear and supplies like chinese stars, samurai swords, nun-chucks, ninja masks and outfits, it was a little boys dream! I bet these days these magazines would be deemed illegal. Anyway, I came across a few covers from these mags on-line. Take a look at them, read the titles and you'll see what I'm talking about. Oh yea, and who can forget Kung-Fu Sunday's on channel 33 here in Miami?!