Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ben Drury

This post is long overdue as I've been meaning to write about this talented artist for sometime now. His name is Ben Drury and for several years was the creative director for the sadly defunct UK label Mo'Wax Records. His work created an identity and aesthetic for the label as well as the artists within. Famous covers such as Dr Octagon's 'Octagonecologist', Attica Blues' 'Blueprint', Unkle's 'Psyence Fiction' Money Mark's 'Cry' and DJ Krush's 'Milight' (amongst many others) were all created by none other than Mr. Drury.

Ben was born in Southhampton, located on the south coast of England where he gained a love for letters, fonts and typesetting from an interest in layout design and local graffiti. He was introduced to Mo'Wax label head James Lavelle at a photo shoot and within time became good friends through similar interests and tastes. As art director for Mo'Wax he oversaw the design of album sleeves, toys, logo's and clothes. He's also collaborated with NYC graff legend "Futura 2000" for his book respectively titled 'Futura' which focuses on his campaign with the Mo'Wax label. Most recently Nike collaborated with Ben to create a series of Air Max sneakers which can be seen here.

A few weeks ago I found a website that featured some of Ben's most memorable designs. I was amazed that this site was still up and running as it has not been updated for years! But luckily it's still there but for who knows how long? Anyway, check out how amazing some of his designs and logo creations were for the label, especially during that time. Click here for more details.