Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Street art has morphed into something totally different from my days of graff. The time of the simple can of Krylon are long gone. Now artists are using everything from stencils, stickers, krink, wheat pastings, lights, glass etching inks, etc in order to get their claim to fame. I think it's great that graff heads are getting more & more creative with their shit. Kinda brings new meaning to the word graffiti. Anyway, back in the late 90's and early 2000 when I lived in NYC I started seeing these crazy but sick pastings all over my brothers neighborhood (lower east side). I loved these odd drawings and suddenly found myself wanting more & more of it thinking to myself, this nigga's on some next level shit! Some of his stuff looked like total rage while others looked sleek & sexy, all in all keeping that unique style and look. The artist is French born, NYC local, "WK". I could always tell his work even before I knew who he was. Always keeping that 'vibrating movement' look. His stuff is so appealing that Nike and Adidas have worked with him as well as Doc Marten, Yamaha and Burton Snowboards. Check his website here and peep past exhibitions, check current campaigns or even buy some shit. Word!