Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gimmie sum Lipp

Without a doubt Eliot Lipp is one of the most unique producers I have ever heard. His prolific sounds have been un-matched for years and after four LP's , a series of 12''s and EP's, he's just about to drop a new album (thank g-d!) on underground hip-hop label Mush.
I first heard about Lipp in URB magazine's Next 100 a few years back. They stated that he made an LP for Prefuse-73's Eastern Developments label on a shitty keyboard (missing keys) along with a dusty/crappy sampler. That immediately had me sold. I was really anxious to hear his stuff and find out more about this fresh new artist and next thing I know I'm djing at the same party he's preforming at. It was the annual Beta Bodega party titled "Infiltrate" here in Miami and he was on tour. He was a real nice dude as well as his sidekick Leo123. He handed me a copy of his first new album and once I applied my ears to it there was no turning back. Especially during the time that my mother passed, his music was the only thing that would chill me the fuck out, especially the first album he gave me. I thanked him for many years after for giving me that CD as it helped me through the most hardest, toughest time in my life.
As always, Eliot refuses to rest. I don't know how he does it but he's always touring, djing, side projects, remixing, etc... His work though is always new and refreshing, keeping the same style & sound but always switching up the beats and keeping you wanting more of that fresh melody.
In honor of Brooklynite Eliot, I have provided a track off his forthcoming album titled "The Outside". As always, a smooth track with great feel to it and rich electronics. The track is titled "The Area", peep it here.