Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Raydio was Ray Parker Jr's funk band from the 70's. If you don't know who Ray Parker Jr is, he's the dude that made the Ghostbusters theme song after Raydio broke up in 1981. They made a few hits such as "Two Places at the Same Time" & "You Can't Change That". But one of their songs, which is a b-side on the album "Rock On" from 1979 titled "More Than One Way To Love A Woman" has to be my all time Raydio personal favorite. I first heard it in a mix from NYC beat god DJ Ayres (congrats on the new baby!) and was hooked. I actually took that mix on a recent trip to New York with my wife, so during that whole trip this song was all the rage and every time I hear that song now, it reminds me of the greatest city in the world. Grab it here.