Thursday, January 24, 2008

Derek Riggs

Most recently, I've been drawn to the art of Derek Riggs. He's a contemporary British artist better known for his work for bands such as Gamma Ray, Stranglehold and most notably Iron Maiden. His work reminds me of the illustrations for the 1981 cult classic film Heavy Metal. The force, passion, and intensity his pieces carry is unlike any other. But the work he's accomplished for Iron Maiden was most prominent and that allowed him the exposure to become well known throughout the 80's and very well into the 90's. Derek created Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie and continued to work with them till just after 2000 when they turned down a concept he had for their 'Wicker Man' single (which I think was a dope as hell piece) stating they were too hard to work with (after all these years!?!?). I personally think it's time for his work to be revived. Maybe a collaboration with indy skate shop in NYC Supreme would be a good idea. They are known for bringing back 'dead artists'. Or maybe start working with music again! There's waaay more money involved these days! Either way, his art is too good to be ignored and something as real and pure as his work should never die. Check out his website here. Up The Irons!