Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Off The Bowery

Off Bowery productions is the downtown don aka A-ron Bondaroff's new offshoot. "The city's been whitewashed, it's time to give it a backwash" claims the puerto rican-jew streetwear mogul. After the drama that unfolded with his previous project, A New York Thing (read more about it here), and after disappearing for over 4 months, A-ron is back on the NYC scene with an exclusive interview on Youtube about his forthcoming project and what's to come. In fact, The New York Times wrote a small piece on his newest project/locale The Wreck Room in SOHO (read more about that here) which he claims will be a downtown hub for musicians, skaters, artists, etc. To hear it from the man himself, in his own words and description, peep the viddy's below for a full explanation of realness to come.

It seems true NYC legends refuse to sleep and let the city take it's own course. Go on A-ron, eat NYC whole! It's yours!