Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ease up...

I remember seeing fresh "Ease" tags way back in the mid 80's all around the infamous Doral Penit (graffiti hall of fame). All up and down Flagler & 97th ave and throughout Fontainebleu Blvd. This was before the Inkheads. "Ease" was representing a crew called TFS (the flip side) during those times. I noticed how he stood out from the rest of the tags with his unique, unmatched handstyle. Who would have thought that the same handstyle would become the foundation to his art, which has collectors scrambling for his pieces. These days, "Ease" aka Jose Parla has left the hot & humid sidewalks of Westchester, Miami for the galleries of NYC and beyond! You gotta give him credit as he's one of the very few Miami graff artists that has made a huge splash on the art scene, worldwide. This nigga's gone a long way. His work/pieces are highly sought after and he's worked with many high profile clients such as Virgin Records, Stussy, Yamaha, Tokion Magazine, Supreme, etc.

Below are a few pics from his recent show in Italy titled "Memory Documents" in which he used everything from wheat pasting to ceramics. For more info on Jose Parla click here.