Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Music Conference 2004 Mix

A few years back when I used to DJ clubs, the annual Winter Music Conference here in Miami was the biggest week of the year for me. In-between attending shows featuring electronica's biggest producers or spinning at gigs such as Infiltrate, I would be handing out my demo mix to any and all promoters, artists, dee-jay's and producers I would run into, as if it were going out of style! Handing out at least 150 or so by the end of Conference, it was the best way to get my sound into the right hands. I would work weeks compiling, mixing, mastering and finalizing these WMC mixes each and every year. I wouldn't let a glitch of imperfection slide by as this was (hopefully) to be listened to by electronica's biggest players. It was an annual ritual for me and it was the part of DJing I took most seriously.

This mix was found recently within the many spindles of CD's containing mixes & demo's I created in the past. It was totally forgotten in my mind. Such a shame cause it's a perfect Electro/IDM set and I recall receiving huge compliments from most that lent it an ear. It contains tons of obscurities by Phoenecia, Silicon Scally, Brothomstates, Ellen Allien, Kero, Adam Johnson, Little Computer People and some serious others. The overall quality of the mix is excellent and was ripped @ 320kbps. The cover featured here was not the actual one, I just made a quick "winter theme" cover for the blogpost. In fact, it was distributed in white CD envelopes therefore a cover was never made.

Click here to download the mix.

Keep checking back as I am going to start posting a slew of mixes and old mix-tapes I recently unearthed from the dusty archives.