Thursday, September 2, 2010

Archival Thursdays: Gescom - The Sounds of Machines Our Parents Used (1995)

Gescom is the alias of several members of UK's Skam label. It's used as a platform for releasing obscure electronica and collaborations amongst Autechre, Bola and others. This particular release is my favorite Gescom record and by listening to it you can see why. Precision-like production that's as sharp as a razor, never-ending electro journey's and a sound so unique you've never heard anything like it. "Puzl" and "Go Sumo" had me sold the moment I laid ears on it. Nothing quite compares! This was Gescom's only release on the superb electro label Clear.

I had to buy this release off eBay due to it's rarity and have cherished it ever since. I think the only other person in Miami that still has this record is none other than DJ Aura, especially these days, but I could be wrong.