Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ferny "Lancito" Heria R.I.P.

It saddens me to bring such horrible news right around the holidays, and truthfully, this post is troubling to write. Yesterday the cycling community lost a leader, a mentor, and most of all, a great friend. Ferny "Lancito" Heria was involved in a fatal automobile accident on the 836 west yesterday morning while driving home in such an unfortunate situation, just two days before his 26th birthday. I am still in shock and I never thought I would be writing this.

He was an inspiration to me as well as many cyclists here in Miami, especially with his hard style of riding, his love for cycling, his endurance and always winning alleycat races, and finally his large, perfect smile. He was the most skilled fixed-gear rider in our scene and always looked out for his boys with his huge heart he wore on his sleeve. I'll remember the rides we had, the laughs, the advice you gave me, the blunts we smoked, the way you aggressively corked on Critical Mass, the crazy offers you threw at me when I sold bike parts...all those things will come into focus each and every day on my way to work as I drive right by the scene. May you finally rest in peace, Ferny. Forever young, forever 25. Thanks for everything man, see you on the other side.

My deepest, sincerest condolences go out to his family and close friends. Check here for info on any memorials, group rides, etc.