Thursday, April 7, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Diplo - Florida (2004)

'Florida' is the first full length for Philly based DJ Diplo. Originally from the south, he came up with the title due to his interest in the local culture, and was highly praised by the electronic/dubstep crowd with the release of this album. If there's any way to break through to the mainstream, it's done proper on this debut. My favorite Diplo song "Summer's gonna hurt you", is beyond amazing and highly addictive, while the title track "Florida" sounds like a fusion between the lost tapes of Led Zeppelin and DJ Shadow. Released on UK based Big Dada records, which is part of the legendary Ninja Tune label, this is a timeless release.

I purchased this back in 2004 when it dropped at Sweat Records here in Miami. Now that I think of it, I haven't stepped foot in that store for over 3 years...time to pay them a visit!