Thursday, April 14, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Limp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill Yall$ (1997)

I don't care what anyone says about Limp Bizkit, when they first started they we're on top of their game and their first release 'Three Dollar Bill Yall$' was a total banger filled with all the right recipes. This was before the money and fame, when they were still doing local shows throughout their hometown in Jacksonville, FL. I first heard of this album after watching the video for their smash hit "Counterfeit" on MTV. But my true favorite track on this bad boy is definitely "Sour" with it's slow rhythmic flow, lagging guitars and cuts provided by the one & only DJ Lethal. A true timeless classic debut!

I purchased this LP online through Gemm since it's availability has always been scarce.