Thursday, October 21, 2010

Archival Thursdays: Radiohead - OK Computer (1997)

'OK Computer' is Radiohead's masterpiece breakthrough album, as if you didn't know that already. From beginning to end, the sound this release protrudes was a new fresh direction for Thom Yorke and the boys back in '97. Filled with eerie electronics, distorted guitars and a pace that makes one feel as if they own all the time in the world, this release is overflowing with emotions. Recorded out in the middle of nowhere in a makeshift studio shed, far away from the diversions of city life, the entire project took a full year to complete. A few recordings of this album also took place in St Catherine's Court, a historic mansion in UK built in 1594. Personal favorites include "Lucky", "Subterranean homesick alien" and the ever winning "Climbing up the walls".

I scooped this up at the now defunct (of course) Virgin Megastore in Union Square back in 2004.