Thursday, October 7, 2010

Archival Thursdays: Shaft - Soundtrack (1971)

Since my post before last was about Blaxploitation films, I figured I'd dig up the Shaft soundtrack from the archives for this Archival Thursday. The entire soundtrack was produced by Isaac Hayes from beginning to end with most tracks being instrumental, Shaft is Hayes' best known work and has been sampled countless times by several hip-hop producers. It also became the first double album of original studio material released by an R&B artist. Starting with "The theme from Shaft", this compilation just keeps getting better as it moves along. My personal favorite is the never-ending 19 minute gem "Do your thing" which is pure smoking material.

I managed to scoop this one up about 8 years ago at a thrift shop on 11th street & Washington Avenue in South Beach. I remember that thrift shop was a hidden treasure, with walls of vinyl in the back, back room, all on sale for 50 cents each, no matter what record. I doubt it's still there.