Monday, October 4, 2010

Eat Here Not There

'Eat Here Not There' is DQM's first skate video. The Bowery skate shop made a promo video introducing their new skate team and since DQM store owner Dave used to skate for Zoo York, it has the same feel as some of their videos with quality footage of NYC's most well known skate spots and skaters. Filmed during last spring/summer, they managed to produce a real nice end result. DQM sums it all up for you below;

"Street beers, street meat, street sweepers, slappys, wallies, skitch parties, happy hour, dollar slices, iced coffee, shinners, hippers, swellbow, late nights, early mornings, speed wobbles, razor tail, flat spots, bum piss, gawkers, jailbait, lady boys, rent-a-cops, citizens on patrol, good times, bad times, hang overs, high fives, strikes, gutters, Ben Bartle, Pat Cook, Brian Delatorre, Curtis Rapp, Carter Donnel, Dan Forkin, Rob Harris, New York City."

Eat Here Not There from DQM on Vimeo.