Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hockey Post Season Wrap-Up

Here I go again with another hockey post. But this time, it's much shorter and I just want to show everyone how damn right I was about my playoff predictions on my previous blog-post. To begin with, I was right about the Detroit Red Wings. They were the very first team I spoke about and (of course) they won the cup without much of a struggle. I was also correct on the fact that the Washington Capitals were going to make the playoffs when at the time I wrote that they weren't even in the playoff spot. I also mentioned that Mr Alex Ovechkin would definitely win the MVP trophy and he sure as hell did (amongst many others). I was right about how Carolina, Ottawa, and Boston didn't stand a chance, and they sure as shit didn't. I kind of doubted Dallas as well but they played strong as hell. And I sorta hyped up the Anaheim Ducks a little too much when in fact they played a gash game! But boy was I on target when I spoke about the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Now that the season is over there is not much left for me in the sports world. I shall crawl back into my cave and hibernate till October when the new season starts. Till then, remember that I am a hockey god sent to the earth to school you cats!