Friday, June 20, 2008

Dash Snow

If there is any artist that one can call 'unique' it's definitely no-one other than NYC's Dash Snow. Also known (in earlier times) as Sacer from IRAK crew, Dash Snow is recognized as a very controversial figure in the art world as most of his pieces consist of urine, semen, spit and wax as well as his personal photographs. But believe it or not his work is highly sought after by many influential collectors such as Charles Saatchi, founder of the world famous Saatchi & Saatchi advertising firm amongst many others.

His father was an avid art collector and museum founder so he was born and raised into the art world that he grew to love. He started to get into photography around the age of 13 when he ran away from home and started documenting his life on the streets as a record of places he might not remember the next day. Those Polaroid photographs (see below) are now the aesthetic & foundation to his work. Instances of sex, drug taking, violence and art-world pretentiousness are documented with disarming frankness and honesty, offering insight into the decadent lifestyle associated with many young New York City artists and their social circles.

He has exhibited in galleries and museum's in London and NYC such as the historic Royal Academy of the Arts in Piccadilly as well as the better known Deitch Projects in New York's Soho district. To view more of his work, click here. To read an interesting article regarding Dash Snow from New York Magazine click here. Some of the photos below might not be safe for work.

Definitely not for the faint of heart, eh? Now, move over Terry!