Monday, June 30, 2008

David Axelrod

Jazz music has always been a part of my life ever since I was a kid. My father had many LP's from Lou Rawls, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and many more of the like, all of which I luckily inherited. Specifically, I've always liked the funk-fused style of jazz. Like the kind found sampled in most hip-hop songs.

Back in 2000 whilst digging in the vaults at NYC's Turntable Lab, hoping to find that one Mo'Wax or Warp record I didn't already have, I discovered a Mo'Wax LP by David Axelrod. I knew for sure I've heard the name since I remembered reading somewhere that Mo'Wax was indeed releasing his work. And I most certainly knew he produced jazz, but for one reason or another I still had not lent his sound an ear (what a shame). Well, being the Mo'Wax collector that I am I went ahead and purchased the LP and took it home for a listen. First thing I thought after hearing the first few tracks was 'WOW! Now I know where DJ Shadow got his inspirations from!' Then after a closer listen I noticed how pure and how real his songs are. It's basically the essence of hip-hop as we know it. The way the guitars moan and snares crack make his sounds so unique, unlike any other jazz producer out there. Most of the recordings on this album were made at least 30 years ago and it's still on the pulse! Here is one particular track titled "The Shadow Knows" that I think has to be the best way to describe his work. Check it out aqui.