Monday, July 7, 2008

Under The Milky Way.....Tonight

The Church is definitely one of the many bands that achieved 'one hit wonder' status during the 80's. Their unforgettable jam "under the milky way" always brings me back to my glory days of DJing at The Kitchen Club here in Miami. Every time I would play this track it would always fill the dance floor, I mean people would literally run to that dance floor so they can hear it nice and loud and sway to the acoustic guitars of this lovely tune. The song is a nu-wave classic by all standards and most recently I discovered the video, which I never knew existed, on (thank the lord for youtube) so I've been jamming out to it lately. Apparently, the title of the track is in reference to a hash bar in Amsterdam that the lead singer/bassist Steve Kilby would frequent. Another quick fact, when I bought this CD back in the 90's, my then future wife Liz helped me find it as she was working at Spec's Music during the time. Anyway, check out the video below and get lost in the milky way tonight!