Monday, July 14, 2008

Ain't it dead yet?

The other day I read yet another article stating that retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy are trying to bring back the wax. Claiming that vinyl is back in high demand. Gee, really!?!? Well at least in my book it's always been in high demand. Anyway, I first noticed the craze about a month or so ago on then this last week on so this is definitely becoming another hyped up trend. Artists are indeed releasing more music on vinyl format these days, this is true. In fact, just the other day at a used record store I saw tons of old material (and new) that have just been re-released/repressed on wax. Apparently, labels are re-releasing back catalog material and sales are supposedly doing good. Many popular bands such as Portishead, Coldplay, R.E.M, Radiohead, etc are releasing their new albums on vinyl format as well. For one reason, I think it's great! I mean, I managed to buy Metallica's "Ride the lightning" and "Kill em' all" at store value. Waaay cheaper than what these babies are going for on E(vil)-Bay. And better, they have been re-mastered from the original tapes and re-pressed on 180grm vinyl at 45rpm. For those that aren't geek's such as I, that means they sound really fucking good! Seemingly so, record pressing plants are not many these days, and the few that exist are overwhelmed with the demand. In my opinion, this is something for the die hard music collector and not for your average person, being that Mr. Economy isn't feeling too good and music is free/downloadable everywhere you look. Let's just see how long this goes on. Check out the msn article or the cnn article to see for yourself!