Monday, June 16, 2008

Percussion Lab

Well, after a short (much needed) vacation, I'm back on the blog with my usual bag of tricks! Miss me? I doubt! But to commemorate 'my return' (who reads this anyway) I decided to put up a link to my infamous Percussion Lab Mix I made back in 2004. Percussion Lab is an on-line radio station in New York that has had a variety of special guests from the IDM/Electro scene including Funkstorung, Machinedrum, Caural, Lackluster, Sense and many others.

Anyway, the mix contains some hip-hop, IDM (of course), electro, and a bit of hardcore (as some call) drill & bass. You'll hear tracks from Modeselektor, Chris Clark, Two Lone Swordsmen, Smash TV, Vast Aire, Team Shadetek, Jimmy Edgar, Beans, Dabrye, Venetian Snares plus many others throughout the mix-set. Here is a direct link to the mix and bio page on the Percussion Lab site. Enjoy!