Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is the long awaited follow up to Read Dead Revolver both produced by Rockstar Games, creators of legendary titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club. Production for this game took Rockstar over 6 years, and after title changes, setbacks on release dates, and just straight-up long delays, the game has finally arrived as of yesterday.

It takes place in the great western American frontier during 1911. John Marston is an ex-criminal and was part of a tightly knit crime organization during his younger outlaw days. Marston settles down and raises a family and leaves the outlaw way of life for another time. During a time when there was lawlessness all across the land, the Federal Government was trying to implement their ways and new laws. The only person they knew that could do justice for them was John Marston, since he himself was a pure outlaw and former member of one of the largest posse's in the west. John is reformed now and does not want any part in helping the fed's, until they kidnap his wife and children. Marston is sent across the plains to help bring the rule of the new law. He must kill and capture all of his former gang members and leader or his family will pay the ultimate price.

The game play is just like Grand Theft Auto, which means you can roam anywhere, interact with anything, and take on other smaller missions. You can go shopping, hunting, gambling, drinking, barter shit, etc. It's supposedly the most advanced game yet, as far as open world environment titles go.

I picked up my copy yesterday but still haven't had a chance to try it out. I was just glad to have it already after all these years. View the official game trailer below, and for screen shots, more videos and other interesting stuff, visit the official website here.