Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinelli x Mash Prototype

I know this has been plastered on just about every bike blog known to man, but since the Cinelli x Mash has always been my favorite track bike, this post is long overdue. Apparently they will be releasing two versions of the frame. One with some serious track geometry catered specifically for the track, which will be slightly higher in price, and one with the same perfect geometry and specs as the current street model. Their goal was to offer something different for the customer, which is always a plus. They also mentioned that the color scheme will not be what is currently being used on the prototype and that those are only stickers applied to a raw frame. But who cares about that, either way it's a beautiful bike! They should be up for sale sometime in 2011, "and no sooner" according to their blog.

Check out some photos below, read more on the Cinelli x Mash prototype here.