Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Keith Hufnagel is an original player to the fullest. He's one of the original NYC skaters that was part of the Supreme and Zoo York crews during the early 90's and has appeared in only the best skate videos in existence. During the summer of 2002, Keith opened his first store in San Francisco and named it 'HUF'. Ever since then they have been known for their quality goods such as skateboards, clothing, accessories and other interesting collaborations with respectable brands such as Nike, New Era, Reebok, Vans, Adidas, and the list goes on. The success of the next few years that followed allowed Keith to open two other locations throughout California. These days the 'HUF' brand is focused on their new footwear line which will be dropping sometime in June. Check out these 'HUF' commercials featuring the man himself shredding the streets of San Francisco and New York, made specifically for the new line of footwear. Keep checking here and here for more info and exact drop dates.