Thursday, June 24, 2010

Line Of Sight

During the Bicycle Film Festival here in Miami last December, I had the privilege to meet cyclist/filmaker Lucas Brunelle. He was down here for the festival as well as filming of his new DVD titled "Line Of Sight", which just debuted at the Bicycle Film Festival in NYC last week. The film is about alleycat races and just plain cycling-craziness! Filmed throughout the streets of New York, Miami, Tokyo, San Francisco, Mexico plus several other cities, Lucas captures everything from a riders perspective with his double helmet cams. He's a seriously fast cyclist and can find an opening in just about any crevice, which allows him to keep up and film the fastest street riders known to man.

Check out the trailer for "Line of Sight" which is soon to be released on DVD. Peep his website for more details and where to purchase.