Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alife X IRAK

Alife has always pushed the envelope when it comes to the NYC lifestyle. Their store on Rivington Street located in the LES is the central hub of street culture. Whether it's throwing parties with Slick Rick or Cypress Hill, dropping their latest collaboration, or simply just hosting a bbq cook out, there is always something brewing at Alife.

This month, Alife has collaborated with one of their own, Kunle aka Earsnot from NYC's IRAK crew, to bring us a sick collabo featuring three t-shirts, each packaged with a stress cube, key ring and a 'zine produced by IRAK featuring Dash Snow, Semen Sperms, Earsnot and photos that span over six long years of killing shit in New York. My personal favorite from the three shirts is the Wonka tee. Wonka is the current face of the NYC fixed scene and is known for his sick style of riding techniques and that photo of him tearing it down in Thompkins Square park really makes a great shirt in my opinion.

They are being released at US and Canada stores on June 6, 2010. Europe and the online shop will drop on June 13, 2010. Check em' out below.