Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Here

'I'm Here' is a 2010 sci-fi romance short film written and produced by Spike Jonze and commissioned by Absolut Vodka. The film is a love story about two robots living in Los Angeles during a time where humans and robots coexist.

The film begins by giving the impression that the robots are the underclass in society and had a vibe of robo-racism seeping through. Sheldon is the quiet librarian type, following the rules and living out a pretty lonely and sad existence. He rides the bus daily to and from work in Los Angeles where he works as a library shelver. One day at the bus stop, Sheldon meets the rebellious Francesca who happens to be driving (something the robots are not allowed to do). A human woman reprimands Francesca for driving a car, saying that she is 'not allowed'. He sees Francesca at the bus stop once more, this time with a car full of passengers. Francesca turns the car around and convinces Sheldon to let her give him a ride home. The group ends up at a shopping mall, hanging out in the parking lot. Francesca and Sheldon walk off together, and Francesca falls, injuring her knee. Sheldon repairs her knee with his toolkit. They begin to date. At night, they sleep together, sharing the same recharging cable. Francesca tells Sheldon about her dreams, which he thought was clearly impossible for robots. At a rock club, Francesca's arm is detached while she dances. Sheldon fixes it by transplanting his arm. Later, she stumbles home without a leg. Sheldon transplants his leg, despite Francesca's protests, telling her that he had a dream about it. Finally, he gets a phone call summoning him to the hospital, where Francesca lies on an operating table, torn in two. Sheldon donates the rest of his body to her, leaving only his still functioning head. Francesca is discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair, cradling Sheldon in her lap. Basically the film follows their story together and the happiness they enjoy while spending time with each other. Inevitably things start to go wrong and Sheldon ends up sacrificing various body parts to keep his love alive.

Ever since the days of Spike Jonze's 'GoldFish' skate video, I've always found interest in all of his work. Smart, unique, different and emotional is the best way to describe this film. The video is beautifully shot and full credit to all involved. Check out the official website here where you can view the entire film, view the trailer below. The soundtrack is out now via the wonderful Chocolate Industries.