Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Is Overtown

Overtown Miami is one of the oldest, yet poorest neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County. Incorporated in 1896, famous developer Henry Flagler's railroad workers took refuge in this part of town since segregation during those times prevented blacks from living anywhere else, therefore the workers lived west of the railroad tracks and the town became known as "colored town".

These days, Overtown is still predominantly black and is one of the roughest, crime ridden areas in Florida. I happen to live just one block east of those railroad tracks that separate Overtown from the rest of Downtown Miami and let me tell you, it's an entirely different world and way of living. Check out this short, solid video below produced by photojournalist Stretch Ledford, which provides a detailed insight into the urban-underbelly of Miami. It's filmed using Cannon 5D's so the quality is superior. Great work!