Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Underbelly Project

Interesting write up in this Sunday's New York Times about a hidden art show which took place illegally in one of the many abandoned subway station's in NYC's vast network of underground tunnels. So hidden that the only attendees were the artists themselves and access to and from was destroyed shortly after it's opening. Titled 'The Underbelly Project' and put together by artists "Pac" and "Workhorse", the purpose of this gritty project is defying the norm. No clean white gallery walls or servings of wine & cheese, the public can't buy or view the art and danger is ever present in the dark, risky tunnels. The exhibit features work of over 100 well established street artists such as Revok, Swoon and Ron English and took over 18 months to complete and organize. According to curator Workhorse, "There is a certain type of person that the urban art movement has bred that enjoys the adventure as much as the art. Where else do you see a creative person risking themselves legally, financially, physically and creatively?"

I totally agree and I wish I could have seen this in person. Down in those tunnels there is no bullshit, just real art displayed the way it should be. Read the entire article here, view the short video here, and peep some photos below.

Photos courtesy of Pac and Workhorse.