Thursday, July 8, 2010

Archival Thursdays: Giorgio Moroder - E=MC² (1979)

Apologies for my lack of posts this week, too much shit going on all at once. No precious time for anything really. But there's always time for an Archival Thursday. This one is dedicated to the great Giorgio Moroder and his 'E=MC²' release from 1979. There has never been a full length synth-pop album released before this one, and to Giorgio's benefit, 'E=MC²' gained worldwide notoriety overnight. Shortly after, he began working on movie soundtracks and started producing notable artists such as Blondie, Donna Summer, David Bowie, France Joli, among others. Anyway, back to the album, all the tracks seamlessly flow into one another and Giorgio keeps a strong synth presence throughout, which is what attracted me to this in the first place. "Baby Blue" and the title track "E=MC²" are my personal favorites, however the rest of the tracks are seriously solid and interesting.

I obtained this album from my older brother's great record collection which I was lucky enough to inherit. Thanks Roly! :)