Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Beta Bodega Website

Back in early 2000, Miami was home to a slew of independent record labels releasing IDM/Electronica, one of them being the mysterious Beta Bodega Coalition which had a very unique way of combining music & politics. My good friend Gabe has been recently posting on his blog some great classic archives/artwork from his old record label Merck from that time, which in turn reminded me that I still have an active link for the first version of the intricately designed (at least during that era) Beta Bodega website, designed by Leekon. It's basically all flash and pretty simple when you look at it this time around. However, nothing beats that nostalgic feeling when browsing the site, from the list of events, to the labels, artists and DJ's that became nobody's, to just reading the text throughout. Definitely worth checking out if you were a part of this scene during those great years. Click here for the full experience.