Thursday, February 3, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Alek Stark - Highway To Disko (2002)

Spanish producer Alek Stark serves up an analog dream with 'Highway To Disko', his first full length and without a doubt his best work. Filled with electronic wizardry and bottom heavy beats, it seems as if each track gets progressively better with each listen. Almost all the music on this release was created using a vintage Linn-Drum sampler/drum machine, one of the very first of it's kind to use digital samples. It was also recorded during a time when vocoders we're still cool and not heard in every pop song. Be sure to check out the electro goodness that is "Mi computadora" and what about "In the night", another sure-fire banger. The entire record is amazing, especially since it's released on the great Disko-B label!

I found this gem at the now defunct Osiel record store on South Beach back when it was released in 2002.