Thursday, February 17, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Midnight Express - Soundtrack (1978)

Giorgio Moroder's original score for 70's cult classic film Midnight Express won him his first Academy Award for best film score and there's plenty of reason why. It was produced during a time when Giorgio was releasing his best work, dropping album's like 'E=MC²' and 'From Here To Eternity', so you know it's a fine piece of work with excellent compositions throughout. The film fits perfectly with the score, and basically made Midnight Express a timeless classic. I can't imagine this movie without Giorgio's music. "The Chase" is by far my favorite Giorgio track ever, and the dope as fuck groove that is the "(Theme from) Midnight Express", perfection!

I was lucky enough to obtain this release from my older brother's record collection, thanks broski! :)