Thursday, February 10, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Alphaville - Big In Japan 12" (1984)

German synthpop legends Alphaville were one of those unique 80's bands that never gained much attention in the U.S. as they did in Europe, but within time credibility set in with their smash hit "Big In Japan", plus the timeless classic that is "Forever Young" which became something of a pop standard and has been covered by numerous artists. I first heard their music at Miami's Kitchen club back when I first started going, and always wondered why their great music never really graced the radio-waves of the 80's. I tell you, unfortunately one really has to search for good music, even back then.

I found this 12" at the Blue Note Records annex in North Miami which was located a few miles north of the original store, too bad it's gone.