Thursday, February 24, 2011

Archival Thursdays: Bogdan Raczynski - Samurai Math Beats (1999)

Ah yes, the great Bogdan Raczynski. Straight from the slums of Poland, this producer is just plain crazy. If you don't believe me try listening to his music. Personally, there's always a time and place for the madness that is 'Samurai Math Beats', an exquisite journey into drill n' bass and just plain electronic badassery. The opening track "Samurai masu bitsu" brings that old dirty laptop sound Bogdan is known for, while "Kimi wa tsumannai, boku o iranai" chimes in with cruchy IDM beats and choppy production making this one of his best releases of all time, not to mention it's released on the fine Rephlex label aka Aphex Twin and crew.

I was lucky enough to find this at the now defunct Osiel store in South Beach, Miami. For some reason, no offense to the artist, Bogdan's records are scarce and have always fetched high prices online. Maybe I'll sell it, NOT!