Thursday, August 12, 2010

Archival Thursdays: Bochum Welt - Module 2 (1996)

This Archival Thursday is long overdue as Bochum Welt is such a talented producer and one of my favorites from the electro genre. 'Module 2', released on Aphex Twin's timeless Rephlex label back during the great musical year of 1996, is a steady blend of ambient-techno and atmospheric-electro. Tracks such as "Radiopropulsive" and "That's mutuality" simply soothe in every way. Lush electronics with subtle 80's analog tones make this one of Bochum Welt's most sought after release, and a landmark album for the Rephlex label.

I purchased this beauty of a copy from a small store, which closed a few months after opening on South Beach called 'Osiel'.